Our team is rooted in one core principle: it’s not about us. You won’t see us at play in the society pages. You’re more likely to catch us at a county courthouse or Rotary Club in small town Texas, building relationships and talking about issues that matter to our clients. If you don’t see us, we may be in a board room helping to navigate a political landscape or at the keyboard shaping stories that reach and move the right people. Wherever we are, we’re working.

Gretchen Fox

Gretchen can’t literally read your mind, but you’ll assume she can when you read what she’s written on your behalf. While she makes it look easy, every word and action she delivers carries the power of 20-plus years of experience in strategic communications, media relations and coalition development. Her clients appreciate her because she is honest, authentic, innovative and meticulous. Reporters, colleagues and grassroots activists trust her for the same reasons.

A masterful communicator, Gretchen connects clients with their target audiences with a message that is clear, cohesive and compelling. Her reputation for clear insights and elegant prose precedes her, whether her next conversation is with a reporter, a bipartisan lobbying team or a board of directors.

Throughout her career, starting in the PR agency world in Washington, DC and continuing as owner of G. Fox Consulting, she has taken a client-first approach. Those clients appreciate her ability to design and lead communications efforts that may be routine or crisis, domestic or international. A summa cum laude graduate of James Madison University, Gretchen holds dual degrees in English and Communications-PR. She lives in Austin with her husband, Jason, and their children.

Luke Legate

Luke has been described as the most genuinely likable political operative in the business. His easygoing manner and warm handshake may start the conversation, but his honesty, integrity and consistency build the relationships that power our organization. His office is either behind the wheel of his truck or in the seat of a Southwest Airlines flight bound for the Rio Grande Valley, Midland or Washington DC, where he will comfortably connect with people about life, business and the matter at hand.

Over fifteen years of statewide speaking engagements, countless cups of coffee and the occasional dove hunt, Luke has built a network of relationships that span the social and political spectrum. Friends in every legislative and Congressional district in Texas include everyday people, small business owners, union leaders, schedulers, executives and elected officials at all levels of government. These influencers are more than entries on a spreadsheet. They are colleagues from both sides of the aisle who will take Luke’s call because they know their time will be well-spent, their minds enlightened and their confidence maintained. Whether they sign an opinion piece, visit Capitol Hill or participate in a town hall meeting on behalf of our clients, they trust that Luke only reaches out on issues he knows will matter to them.

Luke joined our team in 2002 after years on the political campaign circuit. Equally proud of his hometown (Klein, TX) and alma mater (the University of Texas), Luke makes his home in Austin with his family.