Gretchen Fox is a communications expert and widely published writer with nearly 15 years experience in media relations, strategic communications, and coalition mobilization. Gretchen manages efforts to advance clients' legislative and public relations agendas through message development, media outreach, grassroots communication, and close coordination with bipartisan lobbying teams across the nation.

Gretchen is a seasoned media relations professional and maintains relationships with key national media, Texas major metro print, broadcast, and online outlets as well as contacts in secondary markets across the state. Gretchen's relationships with reporters, producers, and writers span energy, editorial, political, environmental, business, and education beats. Clients trust Gretchen to serve as a media spokesperson and to develop messaging and media processes often for sensitive and politically charged issues.

In continued grassroots work, Gretchen develops and implements campaigns for state and federal legislative issues. Her team identifies grassroots and grasstops contacts and consistently generates high-quality communications to targeted officials on both sides of the political aisle.

Gretchen began her career in the public relations agency world in Washington, DC where she served corporate public relations clients and specialized in crisis communications and international media relations. A summa cum laude graduate of James Madison University, Gretchen holds dual degrees in English and Communications-PR. She lives in Austin with her husband Jason and their son Jack.

Luke Legate brings to bear more than a decade of political experience to help clients with message development, strategic grassroots communications, and relationship building for federal, state, and local issues. Luke's personal relationships are the foundation for access and success in the statewide leadership offices, state senate, state house, state agencies, and regulatory bodies.

Through personal contacts, Luke built and manages a proprietary, comprehensive grassroots database and legislative district profiles that are organized by state and federal legislative districts. These resources enhance clients' advocacy campaigns by facilitating direct constituent-to-elected official communications. Asset inventory includes allies and stakeholders from all political parties and can be tailored for strategic targeting of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Luke is renowned among clients and colleagues as one of the most effective grassroots strategists in the state. His ability to reach the right people and make clients' issues relevant at the local level is unmatched.

To build robust grassroots and community support for clients' issues, Luke travels the state building relationships with bipartisan third parties, local elected officials, non-profits, and business groups. Grassroots contacts sign opinion pieces and letters, attend press conferences, make visits to Capitol Hill, participate in town hall meetings, and secure legislative resolutions.

Additionally, Luke harnesses the power of social media to supplement traditional grassroots campaigns and helps clients to be active in this space.

Luke began his career on the political campaign circuit before joining G. Fox Consulting nearly 10 years ago. He is a native of Klein, Texas and has a B.A. from the University of Texas. Luke and his wife Beth live in Austin, Texas.

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